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At Advancee vastu Conusltants, we are dedicated to crafting harmonious environments that foster health, wealth, love, happiness, and aspirations through our Vastu Shastra consultancy services. With over Two Decades of combined experience, our passionate team of experts offers guidance for enhancing your quality of life, renovating properties, and facilitating the buying/selling of homes or offices.

Our result-oriented, scientific approach balances the five elements, promoting health, wealth, and prosperity in your space. Trust us to optimize your surroundings and effectively manifest your goals.

Creative Team Of Professionals

Ashish Kumar


Our esteemed Founder, brings with him a wealth of experience, boasting 15 years in the field of Vastu and 18 years in Astrology. His journey showcases his dedication to excellence, with focus on client contentment and successful project completion. Through his extensive experience, Ashish consistently delivers spaces tailored to clients needs, earning trust and recognition within the industry.

Sagar Rana

Head Business Development

Our Business Development Head with a focus on strategic partnerships and client engagement, Sagar plays a pivotal role in driving the growth and expansion of our services, ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional Vastu solutions to our clients.

Our Mission

At Advancee vastu Conusltants, we believe that your home holds untapped energy resources crucial for personal advancement and growth. Our mission is to help clients tap into this unique energy and harness it to attract more of what they desire. We identify and eliminate unseen obstacles, ushering in a continuous flow of positive energy for the family, health, wealth, relationships, career/business opportunities, and more. Through decades of practice, our experienced Vastu team has perfected simple yet effective balancing techniques, ensuring optimal energy alignment for great fortunes.

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